About Us

Our Call

  My wife and I were married in January 1991, and in June of that year I found the truth of  I John 1:9. God began to instill in us a love and desire for missions. Since that time, we have been surrendered to the mission field. We have prayed for over 25 years for missions and missionaries, always ready to go to the field, if He called. I have traveled to many countries and been burdened for the need in every place. I have wept for the souls and the need for laborers. As a pastor, I have taken nearly half of our people on mission’s trips at some point and seen many men surrender their lives to preach the Gospel. I was at peace with the reality that maybe God’s purpose for my life was to prepare and send men to the field. We were supporting 120 mission families through faith promise, with two of our families on the mission field, two more preparing for the field, two other families pastoring in the states, and a group of a dozen young men training and preparing for what God had in store. 

Yet, I knew God was doing something more. As my wife and I headed to Utah, with our son, Ethan, we were focused on meeting the Kirkman family, who our son would be training and serving with. We wanted to see Brother Kirkman’s work and the area our son would be living in. It was going to be a wonderful time together. But, within a few days, God was moving in our heart. There were no tears. There was no overwhelming emotion. There was simply a peace and spirit-led understanding that this was the place God was calling us to spend our lives preaching and doing the things He had taught us to do over the past 25 years: reach souls with the Gospel, train up servants for Christ’s work, send the Gospel to the world.