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I was saved at the age of nine, at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Ronda, North Carolina. God had been dealing with my heart for some time regarding my lost condition and my need for salvation. I had been raised in church and taught from infancy the truths of the Word of God. But, I also knew that I was a sinner, and, without Christ, I would spend eternity in Hell. It was on a Thursday or Friday night of our revival that, once again, the Holy Spirit brought deep conviction on my heart. I went to the altar and cried out to God to save my soul – and He did.


I was raised in a Christian home all my life. When I was very young I must have made some decision about salvation because I remember being baptized when I could barely see over the top of the baptistry. I’m sure I did all I knew to do at that point of my short life. -- When I was in the second grade at Greater Beckley Christian School, in the chapel service, the preacher said that if we weren’t saved or not sure we could tell our teacher. My teacher and I went to the cafeteria.  I was too afraid to pray or hardly talk. I do remember her praying. I remember writing down that I got saved that day. -- While at college, I remember praying that if I wasn’t saved, I wanted to be. I went through all the verses I knew, that I had memorized in Awana and Proteens. When I got home, I was baptized again in my home church. -- Later, our family was in a revival meeting at Hunting Creek Baptist Church. The Lord clearly spoke to me that night. I went down to the altar totally broken. My husband came down and prayed with me. He had no idea what was going through my mind. I was so confused about my salvation experiences. I didn’t know when or if I was saved. I needed to get it settled forever in my mind and heart.

I wasn’t sure if I was saved when I was a very little girl. I didn’t even remember it. -- I wasn’t sure about the second grade. I didn’t pray. Did that count? I really needed to be sure and I wanted to do it right. -- I wasn’t sure about college. Was the Spirit speaking to me? Was there conviction and why was I so confused? -- That night I let go of everything that was troubling me. I got it settled forever. I told God I had to know. -- I can say that I have never had any doubts since that night. I have a heart and a head salvation. Praise the Lord!