Dear Pastor,

My name is Phil Fagg. I am a deacon and treasurer for Cherry Grove Baptist Church in Moravian Falls, NC.  I have known Brother Moore since 2003.  Over the 15 years that he and I served together at Cherry Grove, I found him to be exceptionally compassionate, tender toward the flock he has pastored for the last 18 years, as well as the lost that he came into contact with. 

Brother Moore is a tremendous student of the Word of God and has been a wonderful teacher to those within our church.  He is a – Leader, Talented Singer (who chose to use that talent for the Lord), Teacher, Pastor, Father (much can be said concerning a man based on the character of his children), Encourager (doesn’t give up on people, but able to use his time wisely with those who need his help), Intelligent, Intuitive.



Phil E. Fagg, Deacon

Cherry Grove Baptist Church

Moravian Falls, NC.