Dear Pastor, 

My letter of recommendation is written that your church might have confidence to select Philip Moore and his family to take the Gospel to Utah as your missionaries.  Please know that Cherry Grove Baptist Church is in complete support of this mission work, with great expectation of what God will accomplish through his servant.  Our vision is for a move of God beyond anything ever seen in the western United States. 

Without question, brother Moore is prepared for the work, as he served our church faithfully for 18 years, while raising a family with a testimony beyond reproach.  God has given him the ability to preach, with great power and authority, “the Word of God”.  There is no doubt that “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God”.  Utah needs preaching! It is my honor and privilege to know this man and his family, serving together with them for the past 14 years, as a leader at Cherry Grove.  May God give you and your church confidence to support the Moore family as they are called to reach Utah with the gospel.



Stan Hostetter, Deacon (Chairman)

Cherry Grove Baptist Church

Moravian Falls, NC.